Course curriculum

    1. Biomimicry As A Way Of Being Preview

    2. Biomimicry Online Introduction

    3. A Sneak Peak of Some of the Stars

    1. Biomimicry As a Way of Being

    2. Quiz 1 (M1)

    3. What is Involved?

    4. Quiz 2 (M1)

    1. Planet Earth: The Setting

    2. Quiz 3 (M2)

    3. Planet Earth: A Goldilocks Planet

    4. Quiz 4 (M2)

    5. Spaceship Earth: Introduction

    6. Quiz 5 (M2)

    7. Spaceship Earth: Operating Conditions

    8. Quiz 6 (M2)

    9. Spaceship Earth: The Ingenious Crew

    10. Quiz 7 (M2)

    1. Becoming Earth Attuned

    2. What is Required to be a Good Biomimic

    3. Becoming Earth-Savvy (Info Sheet)

    4. Earth's Operating Conditions (Exercises)

    5. Operating Conditions (Puzzle)

    6. Earth as a Spaceship (Article)

    1. Essential Elements of Biomimicry

    2. Quiz 8 (M3)

    3. Why Aren't We Fitting In?

    4. Quiz 9 (M3)

    5. Remembering Who We Are

    6. Quiz 10 (M3)

    7. Changing Our Perceptions

    8. Quiz 11 (M3)

    9. Reconnecting with Self

    10. Quiz 12 (M3)

    1. Ideas for Reconnecting with Self

    2. Reconnecting with Self and Earths Operating Conditions

    3. Sound Map

    4. Nature For All, Home To Us All

    5. Nature Connectedness Evidence

    6. Connecting with Nature by Children

About this course

  • £229.00
  • 101 lessons
  • 14 hours of video content

Course highlights

  • Biomimicry focus

    A combination of dynamic video, multimedia and text lessons, complemented with assignments, exercises and quizzes.

  • On-demand lessons

    No need to wait for drip-fed lessons or monthly releases. Watch, read and learn on replay any time you’re ready.

  • 14 hours of video content

    Video lessons, lectures, case studies, real life scenarios and live events.

  • 365 days of access

    With plenty of time to take advantage of all course content, you can learn at your own pace.

  • Contribute to the conversation

    Your journey and that of others form part of a collection of conservations, comments and feedback all aimed at connecting and reconnecting with eachother and nature.

  • Collaborative course

    This course is aimed to complement other courses out there. We also share and promote opportunities for ongoing learning.

Course checklist

A pre-cursor to studying biomimicry as an innovation and design methodology. A means to deepen your connection and engaging with the living world. A means to broadening one’s horizons, perspectives and understanding of the system of which we are part. A means of developing the critical thinking and system’s thinking skills needed to solve our sustainability challenges. A means of understanding what it means to live wisely and well within our planetary home and how to do so.

  • Text Lessons (on-demand)

  • Video Lessons (on-demand)

  • Lesson Transcripts (on-demand)

  • Exercises (on-demand)

  • Quizzes (on-demand)

  • Q&A Sessions (on demand)

  • Completion Certificate

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Course Instructor

Sue Swain

Biomimicry Practitioner (BioWise)

Sue started practising Biomimicry in 1992 when working for an environmental education centre at Cape Point. Here, she questioned why we described nature, rather than learning from nature. Since then, Sue has worked hard to set up BioWise where she is still the executive director and, through education, encourages everyone to live a waste-free, interdependent, resourceful, resilient and regenerative lifestyle.

Course Collaborators

Re-connect with nature, starting today

"Start learning from nature's models today!" ~ Sue Swain

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