• Can I transfer my course access over from The Expedition Project's first course platform (2020-2023)

    Complete the online form here before 31st December 2023 with the courses you need access to on the new course platform

  • My courses have previously expired on The Expedition Project's first course platform, can I get access to them here?

    Only course students with active memberships and accounts can apply for migration to the new course platform (GDPR regulations require your consent for the migration to the new platform). However, email us and we will check your account and try and help you. Otherwise, new students or new accounts are welcome.

  • I bought a course (between 2020-2023) but did not complete it. Will I have access on this new platform?

    Complete the online form here before 31st December 2023 and we will then check your account and if your request is valid you will receive a discount coupon for the new course platform (appropriate to your purchase history), between 1st December 2023 and 31st January 2024.

  • Will courses expire on this new platform?

    Courses will expire, generally 6 months to 1 year after purchase, however there are subscription options for extended access. More of these options will be added in time.

  • Will I receive a certificate for completed a course?

    Most courses include a certificate unless they are lower level subscriptions. Enquire for clarity if required.

  • Why is the course I was taking is not available on this new platform?

    Our course catalogue is growing all the time, however some courses have discontinued. Enquire for clarity if required.

  • Where do my course fees go?

    The Expedition Project is a social enterprise (a social cause organisation) meaning its primary objective is not profit. We create opportunities that benefit both the student and the course creator and we create courses which help conservation and awareness of some of South Africa's most pressing community and conservation issues. Course fees go to our collaboration of course contributors and creators. Money that goes to The Expedition Project is then reinserted back into created more opportunities.

  • Is there an enrolment date?

    Most of our online courses are on-demand courses which mean you can take them in your own time, at your own pace. However, do note that some courses will have expiry dates.

  • Will there be live lessons and live support?

    We do have some live webinars, Q&A sessions and live streams, however these are usually added as a bonus rather than as a guarantee.

Accreditation and Affiliation

  • Will my course be recognised internationally?

    We are an independent online course platform working alongside collaborating organisations. We were one of the only organisations who could provide EMS credits during COVID to UK students. In addition, we are recognised by several UK universities for our in-person placements. We are happy to provide expanded certificates, hour logs and topic references should any students require them (only available to courses where certificates are available).

  • Can I use this course for my CPD hours?

    As we are a small social enterprise, we cannot afford the high annual fees for CPD accreditation as we aim to send maximum fundraising to our partnering conservation and community organisations, however our courses are signed off by the organisations, professionals and instructors who collaborate in making them. We are happy to provide expanded certificates, hour logs and topic references should any students require them (only available to courses where certificates are available).

Course Access

  • What do the different course access categories mean?

    Courses are either available for purchase (open to everyone), available for pre-order (not yet open for learning) or private access only (available only to collaborative partners, project volunteers or on special request).

  • What collaborations are available?

    Project partners and collaborating university societies get special access and courses discounts. Enquire for details if you fall into this category or would like to become a collaborator.

  • If I am volunteering or about to volunteer for an organisation who hosts courses, do I get special access to certain courses?

    Yes, enquire for your special access or courses discounts as relevant.

Discounts and Special Access

  • What are local rates and do I qualify?

    South African residents with a valid South African ID receive local rates for all courses (50% discount). Email [email protected] with a copy of your South African ID and you will be sent a coupon code.

  • What university societies receive discounts?

    Collaborating societies with a current society membership receive discounts for all courses (10%-50% discount). Current collaborating societies are DVWCS, RVCZS, LUVZS, GUVZS and IVSA. Email [email protected] with proof of your society membership and you will be sent a coupon code.

Biomimicry Online

  • Who can take Biomimicry Online / Who is it aimed for?

    A pre-cursor to studying biomimicry as an innovation and design methodology. A means to deepen your connection and engaging with the living world. A means to broadening one’s horizons, perspectives and understanding of the system of which we are part. A means of developing the critical thinking and system’s thinking skills needed to solve our sustainability challenges. A means of understanding what it means to live wisely and well within our planetary home and how to do so.

  • What is Biomimicry?

    Biomimicry is the emulation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems.

  • What is 'Biomimicry As A Way Of Being'?

    Biomimicry Online is a journey of discovery into Nature’s genius and the concept and practice of biomimicry. We focus not on biomimicry as an approach to innovation, but instead as a way of being, a way of life.

Wildlife Vet Online

  • When can I take this course?

    Participants can make use of this before, during, after or instead of visiting an in-person equivalent course. This online course can be taken at your own pace and in your own environment.

  • Who is this course for?

    Anyone interested in wildlife or wildlife veterinary medicine can make use of this fantastic course. This course is particularly ideal for vet students and vet nurses.

Wildlife Vet Online Subscription Levels

  • Do I need to sign up for Level 1 before Level 2, 3 or 4?

    Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 are designed to fit different budgets and are not needed to be taken in order. Level 1 is the lowest price package and includes the basics. Level 2 includes everything from Level 1 plus video lessons and transcripts. Level 3 includes everything from Level 1 and 2 plus case studies, ecology and e-books. Level 4 includes everything from Levels 1-3 plus 3 hours 1-on-1 time with Dr Rogers and fully on-demand lessons.

  • Will all information, lessons and resources be released at once and are they available on-demand?

    Level 1, 2 and 3 are all drip fed courses. This means lessons and content are released monthly. You will not have access to everything from day 1. If you would like everything available from day 1 and on-demand then please purchase Level 4 or our individual wildlife courses in the African Wildlife category.

  • How long will I have access to Wildlife Vet Online?

    Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 are available on your account for 365 days regardless of whether you buy the monthly or annual price option.

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