ProVet Wildlife Hospital

Dr Peter Rogers BVSc

Wildlife Veterinarian

With decades of experience, Dr Peter Rogers is considered one of the most experienced wildlife veterinarians in the world. He specializes in the capture and veterinary care of some of South Africa’s most endangered species, including the southern white rhinoceros, black rhinoceros, African elephant, cheetah, African wild dog, African lion, Temminck’s ground pangolin, and many other species.

Dr Debbie English

ProVet Wildlife Hospital Veterinarian

Dr Debbie English joined the Provet Team in January 2020 as our new practice veterinarian, with a talent for surgeries.

BioWise Living

Sue Swain

Biomimicry Practitioner (BioWise)

Sue started practising Biomimicry in 1992 when working for an environmental education centre at Cape Point. Here, she questioned why we described nature, rather than learning from nature. Since then, Sue has worked hard to set up BioWise where she is still the executive director and, through education, encourages everyone to live a waste-free, interdependent, resourceful, resilient and regenerative lifestyle.

Madikwe Reserve

Terry-Lee Honiball

TEP Consultant Instructor

Terry-Lee Honiball is a large carnivore behaviour specialist working throughout South Africa. Terry is one of The Expedition Projects’ own ambassadors and we are lucky to have such an incredible scientist on our team out in South Africa. Terry conducted a master’s with Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Large Carnivore Ecology in North West South Africa. Terry has been conducting a PhD with Nelson Mandela University’s Wildlife Ecology Lab looking into carnivore genetics, behaviour, movement and diet. Furthermore, she is a part-time lecturer in Environmental Education at the same university.


Kellyn Whitehead

TEP Consultant Instructor

Kellyn had a passion for the natural world from a young age and her passion has only continued to grow! She studied her BSc and BSc Hons in biodiversity and ecology at Stellenbosch University. Since then, Kellyn has completed an MSc in Pollination ecology with the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Kellyn worked for Nature's Valley Trust from 2014 - 2022 overseeing their Fynbos research program and their volunteer and internship program.

Zululand Conservation Trust

Simoné Marshall-Smith

Zululand Rhino Orphanage Manager

Simoné Marshall-Smith completed her Field Guide Associate of Southern Africa qualification through Bhejane Nature Training and then went on to study a BTech in Nature Conservation at Nelson Mandela University. Simoné has always had a passion for wildlife and has worked in conservation for the last ten years. She currently works for the Zululand Conservation Trust and manages the Zululand Rhino Orphanage.

Cape Leopard Trust

Jeannie Hayward

Cape Leopard Trust Zoologist

Jeannie graduated from Stellenbosch University with an MSc in Zoology and immediately went into conservation work. Having taken a break to pursue many varied and interesting roles in a range of industries, Jeannie joined the CLT team in 2010 as one of the first coordinators and researchers on the Boland Project studying leopards. She is currently CLT’s media and communications manager and works to disseminate their conservation message.

Dyer Island Conservation Trust

Jade Sookhoo

Dyer Island Cruises Biologist

Jade has had a passion for Marine Biology from a young age having grown up by the ocean. This lifelong interest led her to study for a bachelor’s degree in biodiversity and ecology at the University of Stellenbosch with Jade taking an additional interest in teaching Marine Ecology. Jade wanted to continue to pursue her interests in Marine life by starting an internship with Marine Dynamics / Dyer Island Conservation Trust and has progressed her career alongside them by becoming a marine guide for Marine Dynamics on the Marine Big 5 trips and a biologist working in the conservation of many marine species including seabird rehabilitation and education. Currently, Jade wants to broaden her understanding of human impacts on the ocean and educate people and communities on sustainable management of marine species and ways they can help coastal and marine conservation

Alina Pryazhkina

Marine Dynamics Biologist

Alina first volunteered with Marine Dynamics Academy in 2013. She came back in 2017 to do her Bachelor’s project on African penguins. Alina then joined the skills-based scientific internship with the Marine Dynamics Academy and soon began to work as a guiding biologist on the shark cage diving vessel. Alina contributes to the observational database on sharks and other species sighted. Alina will provide an overview of the Marine Dynamics business and conservation model, the Dyer Island ecosystem, and the monitoring of the Marine Big 5.

Ralph Watson

Dyer Island Conservation Trust Biologist

Ralph is a PhD. Candidate at Rhodes University in South Africa. His primary focus is shark ecology, with the topic of his thesis exploring the movement behaviour and trophic ecology of endemic catshark species of South Africa. Ralph uses many dynamic and new research modalities to shed a light on some of these species, such as through his use of the BRUV system. Through the Dyer Island Conservation Trust and Marine Dynamics, Ralph works on various marine conservation issues, including white shark research, cetaceans, seabirds, and marine pollution. He is also a guide for tours with the Marine Dynamics team.

Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation

Talitha Noble

TOAF Marine Biologist

Talitha is the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation Conservation Coordinator. She manages the turtle rescue, rehabilitation and release programme.


Maryke Musson

TEP Consultant Instructor

Maryke, a self-confessed fish nerd, grew up with the ambition of being a dolphin. When that did not quite work out she pursued a career in the marine field and studied marine biology, ichthyology and fisheries sciences as well as medical physiology. She completed post-graduate studies in Circular Economy and Sustainable Development and is a qualified master carbon analyst and currently studying towards an MBA degree.

Umoya Khulula Wildlife Centre

Emma De Jager

Umoya Khulula Wildlife Centre Founder

Emma is the Co-owner and Rehabilitation Manager of Umoya Khulula Wildlife Centre. Emma De Jager came to South Africa from the UK at the age of 18. Once she saw the beauty of South Africa and its amazing animals, she was hooked. Emma has been working in wildlife rehabilitation for over 15 years, working with over 100 different species of mammals, birds, and reptiles. She has successfully released over 500 animals back into the wild.


Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation

The southern tip of the African continent is the meeting place of two mighty and bountiful oceans, the Indian and the Atlantic. The Two Oceans Aquarium on the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town is ideally positioned to showcase the incredible diversity of marine life found in these two oceans.

Marine Dynamics

Marine Dynamics and Dyer Island Conservation Trust work to protect the biodiversity of the marine ecosystem surrounding dyer Island~ an integral ecosystem in terms of global sea-life.

ProVet Wildlife Hospital

ProVet offers personalized and professional care for all animals in a state of the art hospital with a dedicated team that can be relied upon to deliver exceptional service with compassion.

The Expedition Project

The EXPEDITION Project is a team of volunteers and interns whose collaborative approach has brought together a collection of world-class online and in-person opportunities. Our online course team includes: Wildlife Vet Online co-founders - Dr Nirvana Leaver, Dr Isabel Beardwood, Dr Molly Buckmaster, Dr Katrina Shlyak and Dr Yashaswini Modak. Course transcripts and quality checks - Dr Nirvana Leaver, Dr Beth Worsely-Wildman, Caela Conroy, Layla Ruggles, Max Buchan, Dr Nicole Hartman, Orla Shipway, Karina Khatic, Joshua Howell, Emma Seed and Elli Verrochi. eBooks - Max Buchan, Dr Yashaswini Modak, Orla Shipway

Conservation Collaboration

The Conservation Collaboration was created by The Expedition Project to support several the most inspiring organisations in South Africa, namely, Dyer Island Conservation Trust, Natures Valley Trust, Provet Animal Hospital, Zululand Conservation Trust, the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation, plus Ecologist Terry-Lee Honiball.

BioWise Living

Biomimicry is the concept of using nature as a tool to learn from and inform our everyday lives. BioWise aims to teach people about this incredible concept!

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