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    One primary project complemented by a combination of collaborating projects providing multiple examples and perspectives.

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Conservation genetics of Southern Africa, lead by the Science Saves Sharks team, includes an introduction to genetics, population genetics, sampling and a look at sharks and rays, is ideal for students of marine science, marine genetics, marine conservation and biosciences like ecology, zoology.

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Course Instructors

Karla Redelinghuys

Science Saves Sharks Co-Founder

Karla is currently pursuing her MSc in Genetics at Stellenbosch University, focusing on developing and optimising molecular tools to enhance species analysis of stingrays, with a particular emphasis on the leopard whipray species. Her passion for science education and marine conservation has led her to co-found Science Saves Sharks, a science-based educational platform dedicated to shark awareness.

Mia Groeneveld

Science Saves Sharks Co-Founder

Mia has a passion for marine conservation, particularly in the field of wedgefish research. She recently completed her MSc in Genetics at Stellenbosch University, with her thesis titled 'Towards Resolving Genetic Differences and Population Distributions of Wedgefishes from the Southwest Indian Ocean Region.' Mia plans to further explore this area in her upcoming Ph.D. She is also the co-founder of Science Saves Sharks, an organisation dedicated to shark awareness and fostering collaboration among marine scientists.

Jessica Winn

Science Saves Sharks Co-Founder

Jess is dedicated to advancing climate change solutions and conservation efforts. With a background in molecular biology, she is currently pursuing her PhD at Stellenbosch University. Her project focuses on 'An Evolutionary Ecological Genomics Study to Inform Conservation and Management of the Smoothhound Shark (Mustelus mustelus) at Regional and Oceanic/Global Scales.' Her passion has led her to co-found Science Saves Sharks, a platform used to educate the public on sharks and rays and foster collaboration among different marine stakeholders.

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